The Grand Voyage!


…OR MID-DISTANCE car trip. I know which one I like the sound of. I’ll be away for a week from civilisation, if civilisation can be defined as the presence of wi-fi, a coffee shop nearby and neighbours you never knew existed despite them having lived directly below you for years.

I don’t think I’ll be posting anything while I’m on holiday with my girlfriend, so this is me putting up the ‘CLOSED’ sign, a gone fishing kinda thing, although the only fish I’ll have will be in a restaurant – caught by someone else.

A road trip around Scotland isn’t exotic, but it’ll be a welcome break for both of us (plus look at the pic!). It is about time we faced the midgies and all that they can muster. I’m half tempted to take up smoking again to keep them at bay. You might think a strictly mythical beast like Nessie would be the scarier prospect, but no, midgies, the mosquitoes of the north can be horrific and are harder to kill.

Of course I may attempt to hunt a haggis or ‘haggi’ as I believe the collective term is, we’ll see how successful that is – not sure how much the hunting permits are and if it is even in season. Might have a perusal of the odd home, or castle as we call them. The nice thing about being in a car is we can stop anytime and go anywhere, there’s no transport to catch or deadlines to meet. I’m sure I’ll think of some interesting writing projects and ideas while in the Highlands.

So I bid you adieu for a week and thank you to all my readers, commenters, and followers known or otherwise 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Grand Voyage!

  1. You will be travelling to entirely wonderful and civilised parts, where you shall find wifi, cafes, exceptionally hospitable people… But there could yet be midges, so make sure you take some EFFECTIVE repellent!


  2. I’m jealous! Have fun 🙂


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