Suits – Are You Watching Yet?

suits-posterSINCE I’VE STARTED watching boxsets I’ve gone through Lost, Game of Thrones, The IT Crowd, Portlandia and Breaking Bad to name some. Watching multiple episodes in a sitting, and an entire series in a matter of weeks is the newer way to consume.

It isn’t that often that I review or recommend media as there are plenty of blogs that do that job better and in more depth. Every so often though, there is something outstanding that I feel needs to be shared. What is it? – Suits. Yes, it is about lawyers, it glamorises lawyers and I’m sure puts an incredibly positive spin on being a commercial lawyer, however, I still love it. There just seems to be something of a magic element in depicting lawyers winning lawsuits, usually smarmy and cocksure. They are characters you’d hate to know in real life yet are entirely alluring in their realm of books, files and sabre tongued tete-a-tetes.

The dialogue is snappy, character development is paced to perfection and the storylines are engaging every episode (I’m 8 episodes into the first season). Dialogue is really outstanding – I’m emphasising that – with a plethora of wit, barbs and well worded retorts that will make you wish your everyday interactions were as playful and edgy.

Yeah, it is cliched in that there’s a lawyer-duo thing happening between Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and apprentice Mike (Patrick J. Adams) but there is far too much other stuff happening each episode that it doesn’t get tiring. Winning or losing cases isn’t always a straightforward issue and the script writers have done a great job in keeping the viewer guessing as to how a case will be resolved.

Really class writing and directing, a show to watch and become immersed in for 45 minutes. Now, I have 20 episodes to watch…and a suit upgrade to do. Seriously, what’s the obsession with suits?

1 thought on “Suits – Are You Watching Yet?

  1. MY answer to your question? MY OPINION ONLY is as such: Great screenwriting, Great character development and, most importantly? GREAT ACTORS. This show I have become obsessed with. And, like you, I was a bit iffy regarding it at first. ‘Oh God. Another ‘lawyer TV show’. But once I got INTO IT – it only took 3 episodes – I was hooked. Keep watching use. I am all caught up and waiting for, I believe, season 5 to start. EXCELLENT show!


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