When Your Creativity Goes on Holiday


<pLET IT GO. You can operate without it. I know for a fact that there will be times when I am tired and lacking in the mental energy to write interesting material whether fictional or real. While my wandering creativity can sometimes have the reliable nature of a pet cat that lives near a busy motorway, when my mind is engaged and full of ideas jostling to exit my headspace, then, I can get my ideas out, often enough to inspire a dozen new posts.

I don’t even have to publish them in one swoop, I can save them for another date so I have a steady stream of posts throughout the week or month. If I pump out six posts in one day, my viewing figures might not be as great as if I released a couple a day for three days.

I actually wrote this days ago, when I had the spare time and had already published several pieces. Just remember to create a new post, as your old draft, if published will appear in the Reader from days ago, and nobody will see it except your dedicated followers unless you change the schedule date for publishing.



1 thought on “When Your Creativity Goes on Holiday

  1. smart words, don’t give up all your good stuff at once!


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