Scottish Referendum – Into the Final Hours

scotland-referendum-   WELL, ONLY AN hour and a half to go until the final votes disappear into the ballot boxes across Scotland.

Irrespective of the outcome, there are huge positives to the referendum:

  • Record turnout of voters
  • People are talking politics again
  • It has given Scots the chance to decide the future of the nation

In the current state of the world and the way things are going in the UK and globally, this is Scotland’s last chance for independence for decades.

Some say Scotland cannot run itself effectively, that we don’t have enough money, that the back end of a recession is not the ideal time to split from the Union. I don’t feel that these are valid or true. Scotland can run itself well and deserves the chance that every nation should get: to govern itself 100%.

Scaremongering from the Better Together has been the epicentre of all of their campaign, classic fear tactics by a London centric Tory government who are scared of Scotland breaking away and for their own selfish reasons do not want independence to happen. Sadly Northern Ireland and Wales have barely been mentioned in the entire run up to the referendum tonight, as if they don’t exist in the supposed ‘United’ Kingdom or ‘Great’ Britain. The British Empire has been in steep decline for decades and Scotland leaving the Union is another indicator that external governance is no longer an acceptable state of being for a nation, but is in fact a modern step toward self rule.

Let us see where the cross of a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ takes Scotland and the UK. What will be will be.


2 thoughts on “Scottish Referendum – Into the Final Hours

  1. Glad to get an insider’s view. (Condolences!)


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