The Guest – Reviewed


   CURRENTLY THERE ISN’T a great choice of films at the local multiplex. Last Wednesday, using the EE 2 for 1 ticket deal, I went to see The Guest.

Unlike many movie releases which get promoted to cinematic death, The Guest has gone under the film-radar like a stealth bomber. That simile loses some impact when I tell you The Guest, as a film, hasn’t killed anyone from 60,000 feet, but it does deliver some serious impact – or am I missing the ‘DVD falls from plane’ news story?

A brief breakdown of the plot: A man who was friends with a soldier who died in combat, turns up at the dead soldiers’ family home. What he does is tell the family he has a personal message to deliver. One thing leads to another and he makes himself quite at home, only for things to go very, very wrong. If you liked Drive this will be right up your road as there is a themed soundtrack throughout the flick from the seventies and the violence is equally graphic in places. The best thing about The Guest is the dark comedy spread throughout the movie with just the correct dosage in just the right places.

Dan Stevens is unrecognisable from his Downton Abbey character. I assume it is a deliberate ploy to avoid the horrendous Hollywood typecasting that plagues many films and actors careers. Well played. His acting is terrific in this, he really carries the film and becomes his psychotic character. The rest of the cast are solid except for the mother who’s best described as wet but don’t let that put you off. The guest makes for refreshing viewing and is one of the best releases this year.

Verdict? Guilty! – of being a top class thriller. Go and see it, it won’t disappoint, unless you are averse to violence in which case, why would you watch it anyway?

Keep an eye out for Chloe-Moretz’s male doppelganger!

1 thought on “The Guest – Reviewed

  1. I thought he looked like Moretz’s twin too! Isn’t that weird?! Very good film, even better review. 5*


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