If Money Dissapeared Tomorrow

money value  

   THE YEAR WAS…well…the year isn’t important. In fact, I don’t even know what year it is.

Imagine that for some inexplicable reason, money, in all its variants vanishes. You insert your card at the ATM, you thought you just got paid yesterday. You’re not even in debt. The balance is zero.

Surely a mistake? Then you look in your wallet. No notes, not a coin. You are not the only one. This has happened to everybody. Money as we know it has disappeared putting the brakes on the world. Stock exchanges go silent. Economies no longer exist.

All of a sudden, what people value is flipped.

Luxuries are pointless because there is no real need. What we need to live is essential: food, water and shelter. Who has these in abundance? Not the UK. We import so much of our resources and rely on office jockeys to such an extent, food in itself would be worth killing for. Without money only tangible goods have any value, a reality which we have been detached from for some time, like a sticker in a car window, gradually peeling away.

Rich people would be land owners, farmers, the producers, people who work the land and have an end product beyond some words on a document, which in themselves cannot sustain a thing. Wealthy persons whose net worth is represented by stock markets and virtual entities such as Facebook would be as poor as you or I.

It’s strange how one thing could singlehandedly change how we live, and in many ways would make us realise what the important things are above all else.

Just a thoughts.

1 thought on “If Money Dissapeared Tomorrow

  1. If it weren’t for money, elephants would not be taken out by poachers the way they are now,
    the drugs trade would collapse, and the amassing of wealth become just a little difficult. Sounds good to me.


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