Gone Girl – Is it as good as the book?

TO ANSWER THE title, yes, in fact it fleshes it out in a good way and brings the story to life staying faithful (somewhat ironically) to Gillian Flynn’s original novel.

I’ve never been a fan of Ben Affleck but he pulls off Nick very well and Rosamund Pike is Amy. She really nails the character and is entirely convincing. I haven’t seen her in many films but she brings an Oscar worthy performance in Gone Girl.

The Fincher directed film is really well shot and is gritty enough when it needs to be to really show the characters traits and the depths or shallows of their different characters.

As a man, I read Gone Girl as my girlfriend had it, and wasn’t expecting much but it is a great look into modern relationships and the fucked-upness lying underneath everyones perfect veneer, in fact it’s almost too good. David Fincher really delivers by keeping the majority of the source intact. It is a nice return to form for him having butchered an entirely unecessary remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

If you read the book, you’ll like the film. If you haven’t I’m sure it’s still a great watch, but I feel reading the book and seeing the film is the way on this one.

1 thought on “Gone Girl – Is it as good as the book?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve started following you, I’m looking forward to reading more posts!


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