Richard Ayoade aka Moss from IT Crowd Gives Guru-Murthy a Tough Time on Channel 4

moss it crowd richard ayoadeThat is by far the longest title for any post of mine. I offer no apologies.

   RICHARD AYOADE of The IT Crowd fame, gives Krishnan Guru-Murthy the ‘Tarantino’ interview treatment, effectively “shutting his butt down” but in a much more humourous, intelligent and gentle way. Anyone who has been interviewed or had a glimpse of the media behind the scenes knows that interviewers often ask the dumbest questions. Guru-Murthy is actually one of the better ones but Ayoade shows how pointless and empty most questions are deflecting and “parrying” with great ease the mundane and predictable questions that come his way. Enjoy the squirming.


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