To Kill a President (The Accidental Time Travellers Book 1) by Marc James


    MARC JAMES WROTE his first book, Marc James is also the alias of a good friend of mine. I’m proud of him for having done what so many struggle to do, to finish a novel – and just to make everyone slightly jealous he wrote it in about three months! He’s given me the impetus or slap in the face of having finished his novel before me to crack on with mine. And this is no 150 pager, this is a fully realised novel weaving together aspects of the JFK assassination with fictional characters and involves a wee bit of time travel to boot.

The detail is really fantastic in terms of the real life characters that were behind JFK’s assassination, alleged or otherwise, and Marc manages to create a world where his fictional characters fit right in. The JFK assassination is still a hot topic after 50+ years and Marc brings in a whole lot of fresh material and evidence, circumstantial or not, that I never knew about previously.

The main character is Bobby Stinson a lawyer, who is supported by two time travelling Scots and they have the opportunity to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy and thereby change the future. The question is, can they do it? And will they survive? For a debut novel this is really a great book, the detail and research put into bringing sixties America to life is brilliant and the book develops and matures as the pages turn. Once you get going the plot begins to thicken and the story takes off.

I’m not one for promoting usually, but if you would like to visit and follow Marc James’ blog visit the following link:

Should you wish to buy the reasonably priced book on Amazon for your Kindle click here:

4 thoughts on “To Kill a President (The Accidental Time Travellers Book 1) by Marc James

  1. Hey Pal!
    This is for you and anyone who is interested in the book.
    I have published a sequel and I am striving to get the third and final one of this trilogy published by the New Year, there is a good chance that wont happen but I am doing what I can, I have a few other projects in mind that I am looking forward to, so I would like to start 2015 on a new project.
    Anyway I digress, I was just wanting to say that the first and second books will be available free on Amazon on 20th December, so in about a minute.
    I sent you the second by email, so if you fancy the Kindle version batter on mate.
    Anyone else who reads this and is interested, please do give them a bash.
    Hope you all enjoy them!
    Particularly you Lion!
    And Merry Christmas!


  2. Will be purchasing this today! Exactly the type of story I love reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very kind of you! I shall buy you a pint with some of the royalties!

    Liked by 1 person

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