Emptying the WordPress Comments Spam: Well That’s A New One



   OCCASIONALLY I FORGET about the fact that WordPress, like email, also has spam.

I usually empty it out every second day or so but sometimes I forget. Well today I was in for a delightful comment on my ‘A Break from Bad’ post, pointing me in the direction of a forum with a focus on incest, enticingly, just a click away. While it doesn’t surprise me that this might exist somewhere, well – things have really gotten out of hand since those Nigerian Princes were exposed as frauds, since the ‘clairvoyant’ days of spammers presuming I had a small penis and that if I did, I could have a small penis and be hard for six hours with Viagra, while checking my share prices after some kind someone singled me out and forwarded me stock tips.

What in the hell? I never would have guessed I’d use ‘incest’ as a tag for a blog post.

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