I Left the Hi-Fi On for 20 Years

cracked screen

   THERE’S A LOT of men out there, but there’s more boys,
who never gave up childhood, just bought more toys,
cars they can drive, the latest phone and Xbox live,
safe in the knowledge, that being a kid isn’t hard to survive,
when Daddy never, gave you the tools to utilise all the dreams you harboured inside,
got your ticket stamped but it’s been a fatherless ride,
just a scared kid playing hide n’ seek, your being a place for darkness to hide,
it’s so plain to see if you look at the right parts of the eyes,
cos’ the parents only raised glasses before divorcing each other – you – left startled and surprised,
the fights together or seperate love, which is best it’s hard to decide,
& through an act of rebellion you got a tattoo carved in your side,
didn’t mean much, it’s just to distract attention from the scars in your mind,
if the futures bright, the futures orange, let experience harden your rind,
but fuck it, it’s all T.V role models, Robert De Niro’s for heroes, go Scarface and snort lines,
off the silver screen, till you’re blind and cavorting with nines,
at least then you’ll have an aim in life,
instead of your father, it’s an army General makin sure you’re aimin it right.

Are you? – aiming it right?

*Forgive me I left the radio on..
I just let the stereo type, stereotype, stere otype, stereoootype..*

3 thoughts on “I Left the Hi-Fi On for 20 Years

  1. interesting experience, thank-you for your poetry.


  2. bleak 😦 but insightful.


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