The Big C: Copyright Fallout

   the big c

  WELL, AFTER A lot of perusing through Google images, I selected a nice one for my blog theme. Those of you who have visited in the last 48 hours will have seen it.

I figured I’d email the owner of the ‘lion image on the page’, Black Baroque, who have an etsy shop. I put a link in the About Me section directing people there, because the image is fantastic and I wanted to give credit to the creator.

Now I largely regret even bothering to notify the copyright owner after they essentially spammed three pages with a message about how I was breaking copyright and then sent this message:

We are sorry to see you not take our art print down. This makes you a thief. We feel very sorry for you on a Sunday, a family day, this is the best you can do is come into another person’s life, and cause problems. We are contacting Etsy now.
Take our artwork down now from your blog.
Black Baroque

I did take it down as soon as I received the message, as I happened to be logged in to WP.

Then I get this fifteen minutes later:

We have now reported you to Etsy and posted a release on our Shop home page about your stealing. Take our artwork down now. You have no right to steal from our shop or any artist. It is obvious you came just to cause trouble. If trouble is what you want, then trouble is what you will have.
Black Baroque

For a start I asked them for permission, granted after I had used their artwork image. The fact it is a Sunday is beyond irrelevant lol.

And “it is obvious I came to cause trouble”…really!? Seriously?!

It was the worst response I could expect, but didn’t. Oh well. I’ve changed the theme as you can see. But what a pathetic way to respond by them. I understand 100% protecting copyright, but there wasn’t even a discussion about it, just an immature kneejerk reaction.

Encountered anything similar?


3 thoughts on “The Big C: Copyright Fallout

  1. Wow. That’s terrible. I’m sorry that happened.

    Liked by 1 person

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