The Even Bigger C

will ferell escalated meme

   The ‘onslaught’ continues:

With pleasure, I have contacted at least 70 of the bloggers who follow your blog informing them of your stealing my artwork. hope they all boycott your blog as I have asked them to. They now know the type of person they are following, a common thief.
Black Baroque

Wow. This getting ridiculous very quickly. Nobody cares Black Baroque. you’d think I’d killed a member of your family.

Just to clarify, I used an image I found in Google images, there for the entire world to see and save if they want. I used it for 48 hours as the background to my blog theme AND credited them.

It’s all gone a bit hilarious. Except there’s no joke.

Funny thing is, I’m not an artist, I write. There’s not even any competition.

19 thoughts on “The Even Bigger C

  1. There are websites where one can download pictures and images–free of charge–to use on blog posts, book cover images, and other stuff. There are a few limitations as to their use, so I would read the fine print. (I did.) And you don’t have to give credit to them. The two sites I use the most are: and I also use iStock–here you pay–if I want a really high-quality image. Hope this helps a little.


  2. You are lying Fionn. You did not find it on Google, you downloaded it from our Etsy shop and contacted us through Etsy, once you had already used it for your blog. When you contacted us, we told you to take it down. You were given ample time to respond back or to take it down. You refused. So we started taking action against you and we notified you of every action, yet you still kept our art print on your blog.

    We have every right to be upset by this. Cyber theft is no different than if you stole something from someone’s home. Your intent was to keep the artwork up on your blog, until you saw we posted in our shop that you stole our artwork. All you had to do was be respectful and take our artwork down from your blog which you had no right to use in the first place. While you obviously have never created anything worth publishing or selling, we have and it is our right to protect our work.

    We don’t care about your credit. We don’t need your credit. We have over 30,000 sales. What we care about is stopping people like you from thinking you have the right to STEAL, fully knowing you are stealing, copyrighted works of art. We do have this in our Shop Policies as well.

    You sound very uneducated with your “nobody cares” statement. There are laws against copyright infringement/intellectual property theft because so many people/businesses care. Millions of artists all around the world care if people like you steal their work and use it without permission, a license or licensing contract. If you did this just to draw attention to your blog, you are very desperate.

    You are right about one thing, you are not an artist. Artists are writers as well. The written word just happens to be copyrighted. If you were really a writer, then you would have understood how important this is should you actually write something of value one day and someone stole it from you. But then that will never happen as you would have to first understand what words like, ethics, value, honestly and stealing mean, first.
    Black Baroque


    1. And there you have it in all its overblown glory…
      Thanks for that. And more than that, thanks for boosting my blog traffic to 3x what I usually get.
      Whats more I did find it on google images. I registered on etsy to ask your permission you dunce.


    2. As for your comment about our “kneejerk reaction” you have lied again. You have lied to your readers and failed to give them the truth here. Below is our very first email to you. Not a kneejerk response at all.

      Hi Fionn,
      We thank you for the compliment of your wanting to use our print as your background theme. However, we do not let anyone use our prints for any reasons commercial or not with out a contract and a licensing fee.

      Kindly take our art print down from your blog immediately. Please know that your use, without asking first, is copyright infringement which is breaking the law.

      In the future, to be respectful of a company’s intellectual property, we advise you ask “before” using.
      Thank you,
      Black Baroque

      If you are going to report in a journalistic manner, report the facts Fionn. The facts are we did respond to you kindly and you were given ample time to take it down. If you are writer, then write something worth reading, not just another pissing match on a blog. Like any other common thief, you get caught, then you lie about it, and when that doesn’t work, you then blame the victim of your crime.


      1. I could block you, but you have so much to say, that’s making you look ridiculous, I’m starting to enjoy it.


  3. Writing is totally art, but I get what you mean. Really sucks that this happened to you. Your writing is good enough to keep your followers interested. It was a just a mistake. I’ve actually gotten feedback about the lack of pictures on my blog, but I already paid for the domain so I don’t want my little hobby to start getting too pricy, and trying to take my own pictures… just… no. Don’t worry about it. Maybe she’s just not selling too well and needed someplace to channel her frustration. You might have walked right into a little storm cloud waiting to happen.


  4. I got the email. One thing to keep in mind is, Google Images are not all free to download and save/use. You can go into the little gear thing in the top right, chose Advanced Search, then scroll down to Usage Rights, and then choose the appropriate one that gives you permissions to use the images. It’s a pain but at least somewhat safer. 🙂 I do it, but have gone to making most of my own when I can.


    1. As in you got a similar email?
      I’ll be more careful in future obviously, and thanks for the tip on finding copyright free images. I’m guessing there’s a copyright free bank somewhere on the web.


      1. I got the email about you and the etsy shop. They wanted me to boycott your blog.


      2. Seriously?! Wow.
        I can only imagine the email was as overreactionary as the ones i got and the posts they’ve been putting up on my blog.
        No such thing as bad publicity right? 🙂


      3. I came and checked it out and saw things were cool and your posts and figured all things were good here. But I as an author I can get the wanting your work protected somewhat. It seems like you did everything right after the contacted you. I wonder how they knew I followed you though. I would be very interested in knowing that. Maybe I commented on your About page at some point.

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      4. Yeah its very sinister how they’d go to those lengths.
        and yeah i get wanting to protect work totally.

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      5. Also if you use Getty Images they have some to use, just give cred.

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  5. This actually happened to me today. An image I commissioned, and paid for. It is of my character, who I also hold Copyright to. I would have appreciated a credit, but what am I supposed to realistically do. I have a lot of artwork of this character, and spread it pretty freely. I would have been extatic if she had credited the artist instead. It was just a blog post, and not as an album cover or anything.


    1. That’s unfortunate. I think as long as credit is given, and nobody is making money from the image it’s generally ok.

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      1. Ok hush now. Go and overreact to soemthing else or make some art…


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