Milk: Spilt

spilt milk

HAVE YOU EVER seen anything like it?!” my therapist said to his colleague. “Get Andrew and Elleanor in here.”

The colleague left, returning in a matter of minutes with Andrew and Elleanor.

“I’ve left my client for this,” Andrew said looking excited. “Is it true?”

“Me too,” said Eleanor. “What is it?”

My bald headed therapist, Dr. Ferguson, stood along side his  colleagues as I sat in the chair, tears drying out. There was a brief pause as the foursome stared at me, before eyes turned to my doc.

“Sorry. I was just trying to imagine how many Youtube hits I could get..”

“Listen, Jonathan…I’m going to do it one more time.  That’s alright isn’t it.” He nodded assertively at his rhetorical question, knowing I was there partly due to self-esteem and boundary issues.

As if the compere at a magic show, Dr. Ferguson turned in the small room to face the others, hands poised as if about to make an announcement, like, my next act is…

“Watch what happens!” Doc said struggling to contain his excitement.

Doc moved over towards the barren wooden desk. He deftly twisted the cap off a pint of skimmed milk and poured the half that was left, that wasnt currently soaking into the carpet, into a watercooler cup.

Andrew, Elleanor and the other psychologist, stepped closer, breathing thinly.

Doc raised a finger. “Watch!”

I squirmed as if in an electric chair.

Doc moved his hand in a controlled manner, and tipped the cup over, sending the milk all over the desk and pouring, briefly, down the side.

I immediately burst into tears, utterly uncontrollable, as if a best friend had just perished, then and there. For minutes I cried, tears so heavy they made a noise falling to my nylon jacket.

Slowly, they subsided a little, but I was still choked up.

It was too much for Elleanor to handle, she had a hand over her mouth. She stepped forward and handed me a tissue that I accepted with wet fingers, then ran out of the room. At least somebody cared.

All we could hear was her heels on the corridor and Elleanor shouting madly, “DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY MORE MILK?! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!”





3 thoughts on “Milk: Spilt

  1. I have an affinity for such stories. One that draws you in with curiosity, feeding it all along the way and then a bit of a slap on the forehead. I have a few but never posted them. I’ll have to dig them out. Perhaps a bit of payback…..Nice work Lion.


    1. Get them dug out! I love stories with a little twist, something to make them memorable. Occassionally I read stories that have nothing to them, no twist, no real message or anything to draw me in – I don’t see the point really. Thanks for your kind comment once again! 🙂


  2. I really like the flow of the story, the writing style is so fluid… (pun not intended)


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