Book Review: Cynicism Management Book 1

cynicism management bor praperRECENTLY I DISCOVERED a friend from another time and place is an author: Bori Praper. So I read his book, Cynicism Management Book 1, my first ever purchase through Kindle, which I’ve been reading for the last three nights before falling asleep – but not because of the content! – it’s brilliant!!!

  • THE SYNOPSIS: Finnegan Frotz, an anonymous, bitter and extraordinarily pale black musician, lyricist and compulsive cynic of German-Scottish origin, flies from Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, to Slovenia, a small country to the northeast of Italy. Upon his arrival he joins Amalia Winegirl, songstress and occasional fling, and her half-brother Randy, bass player and herb aficionado. Together they form a band called Cynicism Management and pump all their efforts into creating what can only be described as a collection of smash hit singles in odd time signatures.
    However, prying eyes notice Finnegan at the airport. Something has been etched into his skin, and this catches the wrong kind of attention. Unbeknownst – at first, at least – to any of its members, Finnegan’s band finds itself in the middle of a complex international conspiracy involving a malevolent corporation and a couple of executives with a diabolical plan. Add a colourful crowd of peculiar characters, an ad hoc group of female undercover agents, a voluptuous Portuguese nymphomaniac, a few bearded mujahideen, a sexy case of Stockholm syndrome, an online computer game, a slightly out-of-place but horny U.S. marine, a swarm of nosy cockroaches, and Bear in Underwear to the mix… And get ready for a roller-coaster of entangled plot lines, bizarre dialogues and ridiculous incidents, culminating in a shocking revelation.


I’d read the premise prior to reading and was intrigued. When I started reading I was swept into a world involving an array of characters from Scottish islander Finnegan Frotz, a corrupt global enterprise CEO and his family, to disorganised multinational musicians. The numerous superbly realised characters are hilarious, memorable, and serve the main storyline superbly, as Omnipile the immoral global corporation (is there any other kind?) attempt to subtly take over the world, while all Finnegan and his band want to do is make sweet music (and love).

I knew Cynicism Management was going to be a joy to read. Straight away the dialogue was laugh out loud funny. Through the characters Bori Praper expertly and humorously deconstructs all the bullshit of modern life. The author clearly has a great knowledge of technology as well, which provides the backbone of the plot, and he blends science storylines effortlessly alongside the every day world of the band, Cynicism Management.

In short, Cynicism Management Book 1 is a fantastic commentary on life as we know it, never afraid to point out the moronic or evil, all packed in to a truly engaging story from start to finish, that amazed me in its breadth of social  commentary.

Want unforgettable characters, dialogue and storyline? I’m not biased when I say, buy it.

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