Odd – Short Story

police lights

   Ksshhhkk! The CB burst into life again. “Another one? Yep. Rosalita Avenue? House 46. Mhhm. Three of them?! We might have to call in the big guns.”

Sitting at the helm of the police car, Rick Valente looked over at his partner Danzig, sighing, eyebrows raised, that What can you do? look they both knew too well. If they couldn’t find them, their necks would be on the line. Which was bullshit. But they liked to think that way to glamorise the job.

Rick unhooked the CB and radioed Units 2 and 3. “This is Unit 1. I repeat 1..” Rick always emphasised it. Being Unit 1 let them know he was the leader of the Division, a fact the other units were all too aware of. “We’re going to head over to Rosalita Avenue, house 46, something sinister is going on, I need all units there pronto!”
Kssshhk! “Copy that!” “Copy that!”

Rick and Danzig had dealt with thousands of missing cases over the years, ever since they’d been demoted. What lay ahead at Rosalita Avenue, only time could tell, but if Rick’s instincts were right they were all in for a busy night.

“Three of them?” Danzig reiterated, thumbs tucked into his vest. “We’ll be lucky to find one.” Rick nodded, smoothly turning the steering wheel as they took a right onto Rosalita, with no sign of the other units on the treelined street.
Rick scanned the doors on the one stories looking for the right number. It soon became apparent.

Parked up, Rick and Danzig slowly got out of the car, anticipating the worst as a woman came running towards them wailing, in tears, hysterical, while a man and a kid stood on the porch looking anxious. Or were they bemused? Rick shook it off.

“You have to find them officers!” the woman said beseechingly, running towards them bare foot, along the lawn in her summer dress.

“Don’t worry Maam, I can assure you we will do everything in our power. Right now I need you to calm down, and give us all the information we need.” Danzig typically the silent partner, opened up an empty notebook, the only trace of ink on the first page formed immature stickmen cartoons.

“Please, please help me!” The woman broke down and slumped onto the lawn. Her husband broke away from the porch to offer support.

Units 2 and 3 turned up simultaneously, haphazardly parking in front of Rick’s vehicle, and four officers burst out, hands ready to withdraw their pistols.

Rick ignored them and kneeled down to talk to the woman. “There are three missing correct? Can you tell me the last place you saw them?”

Between sobs she managed to compose herself a little as her husband arrived by her side, reaching for her hand.

“We don’t know! They could be anywhere!” she replied, as her makeup was being destroyed by her crying.

Rick’s face turned serious. He meant business. “Don’t worry folks, we’ll find those missing socks if it’s the last thing we do!”

4 thoughts on “Odd – Short Story

      1. It was fun! Which pretty much suits my mood today; healthy dose of laughter and I thank you for it. 🙂

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