Saving Your Writing and Blog Posts

blog posts saved

   HAVE YOU SAVED your writing? Your posts? I have occasional moments of terror envisioning a 404 Website Not Found when logging into WordPress. I frequently begin a short story or idea in WordPress, and never save it in the conventional way I would if writing using Office.

I doubt WordPress is going to disappear overnight with everyone’s back catalogue of posts, but you never know: supposedly .com WordPress blogs are more secure than .org WorPress sites.

I went through three years of my blogging and enjoyed going through my older stories, seeing if I’d improved over time, if they were still readable and more than that, it was a boost to the ego to see so many individual stories in one place when I saved them all to disc. For the peace of mind it didn’t even take long.

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10 thoughts on “Saving Your Writing and Blog Posts

  1. I’m not a fan of clouds. If you must protect, use an external drive.

    1. Yeah, safest option available. It’s there and you know where it is.
      Some harddrives do corrupt and usb sticks, but I’ll take my chances.

  2. I am terrified of this too. I try to save writing externally in MS Word and then cut n paste into WP, but it doesn’t always work like that. I end up editing, changing, rewriting in WP. Also, inspiration *sometimes* (ha!) strikes quickly and I blog without writing in MS Word first. So yes. I live in terror, especially when the year’s sub is nearly over and the email with the ‘Pay up or your stuff will be dumped’ threat arrives.

  3. Put everything on the cloud, then you’re covered…..MUAH!!!

      1. On the real I don’t trust the cloud. External HD all the way for me.

      2. As long as you don’t put anything bad there, you’re OK… 😉

      3. Hopefully my writing doesn’t fall into that category :\

      4. No, not at all…..I LOVE your writing… 🙂

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