Music to Write to: Peer Kusiv

SOMETIMES, WRITING IS best done in silence. Ok, most of the time. But now and again I like to listen to music when I’m editing or writing, headphones on, lost to the world. The synergy of the two can really help to bring something fresh to the table and makes a change from the daily grind. Check out Peer Kusiv’s music, something I turn to for atmosphere and drive. The guy is amazing with such a range of tempo and melodies. Snowflake is one of my favourites:


5 thoughts on “Music to Write to: Peer Kusiv

  1. I often read or write with music in the background though I can’t say that I truly LISTEN to it.


    1. Yeah same for me, it’s definitely a semi-conscious thing.


  2. I like to write in silence, or at least edit in silence. I do find some nice classical music goes nicely with my thought process sometimes.

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    1. Yeah 95% of the time I write to the sound of the keyboard being assaulted, but every once in awhile, I switch up, just depends on mood. Cheers for dropping by again!

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      1. Ah and how we love to assault those keys! lol

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