WordPress Malfunctioning

Anyone else had this happen? I can’t navigate properly. Looking at blogs, liking and commenting is like going through sludge. Also pictures won’t load on posts.


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22 thoughts on “WordPress Malfunctioning

  1. I wasn’t here yesterday but I do notice WordPress people are always tinkering with the site. I am getting used to something and then they change it. I wish they’d leave it alone for longer than a week or two.

    1. Agreed. I chatted to the support team yesterday and they were utterly useless. Just told me it was a connection issue. Which it isn’t.

  2. I agree. The site was slow today and I had trouble reading comments.

    1. For some reason the WP app works ok. But using WP through a browser is still torturous.

      1. Seems better today…so far.

  3. Same trouble here, blog posts taking forever to load and half the crap missing from the page. Sometimes, I get so fed up, I just quit trying.

    1. Its a real pisser. Time for revolution?

  4. Working fine here, but I know people who’ve been facing the oddest of issues

    1. Yeah maybe its with the blogs only?
      WP is really buggy, jerky, and sloooooow. Hopefully be fixed soon.

      1. One friend of mine can only see blank pages in her reader, no matter what she tries. Well, we can hope! 🙂

  5. Same here. I’m glad it’s not just me.

  6. Always having major problems, but none as you have described. Good luck.

  7. YEP! I am having all the same problems. I may just sign off as it’s so frustrating, and try again later.

  8. Having the same problem. Pictures won’t upload.

  9. #Maesha - Ms Nightshade March 1, 2016 — 6:44 PM

    •••———••• •••———••• •••———••• •••———•••

      1. #Maesha - Ms Nightshade March 1, 2016 — 7:21 PM

        Then you understand morse code… blub blub blub..

  10. Yup. I’m getting it too. Usually it helps to clear caches and such. Sometimes it means another update is coming.

    1. Yeah, hopefully they’ll be done with it soon whatever it is.

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