Writing: Post-Edit Blues

shades of blue

… AFTER THE THIRD edit using green pen over the favoured red, a daring endeavour if ever there was one, there’s a sense of great acheivement. Then there’s the knowledge that a fourth edit is necessary on the computer. There’s no time to savour what is just another step on the way to publication. And as grand as it is that the book is shaping up, I also know there are plenty of things to improve. After relatively little chopping of text, I’m contemplating on what I can sharpen, and what have I left out?

At 136,000 words my word count is still alright for the genre compared to similar books. There are at least two whole pages I don’t mind chopping (~1000 words) and I’m not entirely satisfied with the ending as there are a number of ways I could finish the story. On a positive note, due to the flexibility of the last chapter, I can cut another five pages or so which is nice to know, it gives me a little breathing space.

I know some of you fellow bloggers are writing/ editing as well, so I hope all is going well on Planet Ink 🙂


  1. Seems a bit long for a novel, so you might want to look at cutting it down a bit. What genre is it?
    If it isn’t important to move the story along, you can do without it.

    1. well when I re-edited it, it flows well and there’s enough drama, maybe a few blank spots. So I’m waiting for the ‘canvas to dry’ before re-re-editing again 2moro. Appreciate the support.

  2. Cutting may be a good thing. I read a while back that if you’re trying to sell a first novel, most agents and publishers want something around 70,000 to 100,000 words. Of course, you can’t cut material if it’s necessary to your story.

  3. I’ve got a manuscript that’s, in my opinion, ready to be published. But now I’m afraid to look at it, because I can’t go through it without finding something else I want to change, and I’m just so done with it. I think Da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”

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