A Haunting Voice From 1965: If I Were the Devil…

THERE IS SOMETHING haunting about pre-digital era voices, there’s something extra in the tone, the mild static, the outdated diction that regardless of content is a pleasure to listen to.

While I do not share the religious views or even necessarily the political ones, it is a fascinating, memorable snippet, and incredibly prophetic of how future America and Westernised cultures would turn out.

Has it come true? In some ways. Let me know what you think of conservative broadcaster Paul Harvey’s address, ‘If I were the Devil…’

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19 thoughts on “A Haunting Voice From 1965: If I Were the Devil…

  1. Interesting, except those “predictions” were not in my view predictions at all. I remember 1965 and, looking back, I can see that much of what this gentleman said had already happened or was then taking place. What we did not have in those days were Facebook, Twitter and ‘blogspace’ like WordPress. Otherwise the world was much the same as it is today; wars, crime, teenage rebellion, scepticism etc, and a sexual revolution! Don’t think the supposed ‘devils’ have changed much.

    1. He was merely seeing what he saw then, not so much prophetic as observant then.
      And the so called devils are where they always have been like you allude to. Money, religion, business, crime etc

      1. Absolutely!

  2. There has been several comments that I believe miss the mark. It is not the absence of religion in our schools (there is plenty including humanism and Islam), but the lack of God. There is a difference. Someone said that it is human greed, but that has been around ever since Adam and Eve. As for Paul Harvey not being very fundamental I would question that. I am a fundamentalist (which means I believe the Bible from cover to cover) and I am unaware of anything in his classic speech or his radio show that was other than biblically based. One person asked how many people listened to him, A great many did, but only in eternity will we know the full extant. Finally, to dismiss the absence of God is to trivialize God. When we removed the Bible from schools we basically said no to God. It is an historical fact that since then our morals took a steep dive and today we reap the results. What was right back then is now wrong, what was wrong back then is now right. Or to put another way, every man does that which is right in his own eyes; there are no longer any rules since the Bible is now considered dated.

  3. I was a kid when Paul Harvey spoke those words. He was a wise man, admired by many.

    1. Wise but erring on fundamentalism? I cant really say based on one clip and a glance at his bio.

      1. He had a radio show around noon every day, if I remember correctly. Was very popular.

  4. I heard this clip before. It is true, but also it is because of just how many people have allowed moral standing to deteriorate over time. It isn’t just because of the lack of religion in schools or such (this might earn me a LOT of bad rep), but because humans as a whole are letting it go no matter what their beliefs are.

    With as old as the Christian Religion is, I’m surprised it hasn’t started dying out sooner. Honestly, the Jewish state started doing that at the time Christianity started. Islam isn’t too long behind, hence the radical side of their cultures.

    It’ll come to an end someday, but don’t blame just the lack of god for it. It’s the lack of good standards for all people, no matter what faith they are.

    1. I liked the clip and the predictions that came true, but like yourself I didnt like the religious slant, Harvey makes out that every problem is due to a lack of religion, as if the previous 100, 200 and so on years were perfect.
      Its an interesting snippet, and delivered well, but totally biased and entirely rooted in his conservative religious views which seem so dated.

  5. And how many people paid attention to him in 1965…

  6. Yes, his predictions are mostly true, including how television fans all the flames. We need a leader who recognizes these trends and works to make humans realize we need to have a safer, saner, more generous and caring world where everyone does not just think about themselves and how they can profit regardless of the outcome to others.

  7. Yes, human race indeed. IMO the “Western culture” was, at one time, a “Christian culture”, however that is no longer true.
    The “Western culture” is, IMO, now dead inside.
    A reading of Romans 1:18-32 pretty much sums up where we’re at now, sadly.

    1. The downturn in subscription to religion is not the issue.
      It is the selfish nature of people, or parents in particular, to name one group of many, and globalisation which brings with it wider corruption and greed.

  8. This is a classic because it rings true. It wasn’t all that startling back then. Those of us who knew the Bible saw the same things. What was so great was that Paul Harvey knew how to convey them. You said that “In many ways the human race is quite predictable” and that is true. What he saw was also predictable based on the Bible no longer being acceptable in our schools. In effect God was kicked out and replaced with humanistic teachings. We are now reaping the results! And if we don’t turn back to God, we will see this country go further downhill.

    1. Society has changed, somewhatd dor the better in some aspects like science and technology, but us humans are as brainless and self serving as we always have been over millenia, the trouble is there are too many of us for the planet to handle. Greed and short term thinking leads to the end.

  9. My goodness this is scary! This was said way back in 1965?? Almost, all of it is really happening.

      1. But how!! How did he tell these things about 50years back? So much more than what reaches the eyes.

      2. Forward thinking, rumination 🙂
        In many ways the human race is quite predictable. I think the 60’s was the cusp of Western culture coming into its own, the outcome of which we find ourselves today.

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