Fiction Submissions: Where to Send Your Writing

short-story rejection

FOR ONCE IN recent times I will not be moaning about writing or anything related to it. In fact this post is positively upbeat and bereft of esoteric whingeing or existential angst.

Everyone who submits writing for publication in ezines or print knows the arduous nature of the process. I’m not sure about you, but I struggled to find good lists of publications to send my stories to, despite doing numerous searches and even venturing, almost swaggering, on to the second page of Google. Then I found a goldmine, the Klondike of fiction submissions:

  • Up to date and with an exhaustive list, I stumbled upon through WordPress and now I feel like I can submit with greater confidence, due to the huge variety of publications listed on one website covering multiple genres. Easy to navigate displays the important details; whether publications are open to subs, and rates of pay. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Should you choose to opt for the more highbrow and almost certain rejection/ destruction of your soul, try these 25 publications, from The New Yorker to The Threepenny Review at thewritelife.


Good luck with your writing.

6 thoughts on “Fiction Submissions: Where to Send Your Writing

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    Here is a great post on some options for submitting your fiction


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