Time Lapse of Incredible Artist Kim Jung Gi

I’M OFTEN AMAZED by artists I see on WordPress or anywhere else for that matter. Whether it’s painting or drawing I admire the ability to create pictures and scenes from such visual imaginations . Kim Jung Gi a South Korean artist has incredible penmanship, a ridiculous eye for detail and it’s a pleasure to watch someone so amazing at their craft in action. Check it out for yourself:


lion around 2

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7 thoughts on “Time Lapse of Incredible Artist Kim Jung Gi

  1. This is amazing. I get awestruck by these talented people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. He’s damn good! Have you ever seen videos of artists who make pictures using sand? It’s awesome.

    1. Yeah, they’re amazing. I wish I had artistic talent outside of writing. Stickmen doesn’t quite count..

      1. Haha, no they don’t. Writing is my only artistic ability. I can’t paint, play a musical instrument, or sing. All goes into writing…

      2. Word pictures, that’s what we do.

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