Taking a Little Burden Off: Reading

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IT’S TRUE WHAT they say. Reading fuels writing. Yesterday I burnt a book and felt alive, vibrant, immediately filled with creativity and desire to write!

I jest. But it is very easy to fall out of reading when concentrating on writing. Failing to read would be like a musician not listening to music. A director not watching new films. Whichever parts of the brain that control the creative process; like it needs glucose to run, it also requires someone elses creative outputs to digest.

So I’ve been making sure I read more online and especially off it. I read amazing stories and poems on WordPress daily, but sometimes I go through barren spells of reading actual books which isn’t a good thing. I’ll spare you a ubiquitous author quote, but reading the good the bad and the ugly, it doesn’t matter, it all helps to hone the craft of writing one way or another.

Something else I am guilty of is focusing too much on writing and reading, and neglecting music and film, other incredible sources of inspiring content. Although both are clearly, undeniably, irrefutably inferior to written text!

Some great reads this year:

  • Andre AgassiOpen    Outstanding autobiography even if you’re not into tennis. Gripping.
  • Charles DickensGhost Stories   Some excellent stories, the writing still suprisingly fresh.
  • Don MassenzioBlood Orange   Great premise, great read, well paced.
  • Bori PraperCynicism Management: 1   Brilliant characters and commentary on modern life. Fantastic debut novel.
  • Linwood BarclayNo Safe House    A page turner. Nice angle on the thriller genre.


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6 thoughts on “Taking a Little Burden Off: Reading

  1. I have found, Lion, that since I have started writing, reading and its enjoyment are a lot harder.
    I find I start a lot of books that I just can’t bring myself to finish. And when I do find that ‘good book’ I am inclined to relish it much more.

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    1. I know what you mean.
      Im more critical of writing now, and I write most days, so if i am reading I need time and space to enjoy it, but it definitely noursihes the soul in some regard and is beneficial to creativity.

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      1. It is. Especially the really good ones. Here is to the Joy of finding and reading Good Books.

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  2. You are so right. We read so many blog posts, we don’t make enough time to read books.

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  3. You must be reading my mind, Lion! I’ve been feeling exactly the same these last few weeks. I’ve always read a lot but since committing myself to writing, I seem to have found it difficult to settle down with a good book, although I am partial to the odd short story or piece of flash. Time management is a difficult one for me. Writing, blogging, reviewing, reading, enter comps – they’re all important.. Are you a full time writer? I’m trying to juggle writing around my work, which I’m sort of managing but only because I don’t work full time 🙂

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    1. I have a small sideline in mind reading 🙂
      I’m full time in that I write daily, but I’m not busy on the work front, so I have more time than most to write my nonsense 🙂

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