A Strange Way to Li(O)ve – SHORT STORY

malky taste studio love gun

SHE STOOD WIELDING a shotgun. Except it wasn’t of course. It was a love gun.

Far more lethal, the kind of damage inflicted, that no surgeon or physician could see, let alone heal. The very reason I’d taken to wearing a flak-jacket at all times.

I looked her in the eyes, deploring her not to.

Then she aimed it at my head, true and steady. At my weakness.

I didn’t feel it, but I remember pleading, my inner voice asking her to be kind, not to hurt me when she leaves. Knowing that one day she’d run out of bullets, but I saw in her look, she hadn’t yet but that’s ok I guess, for her to step on me like a stone. Because that’s what I was doing too, only, hoping she would be my last.

Perhaps she hadn’t noticed my love knife yet. More subtle, don’t you think?

Strange ways to declare our feelings, but better to bleed to death slowly, than rot from the inside out. The moment we met, knowing it was a departure, not an arrival, one of many, one of a few.

One: too many. For me…

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24 thoughts on “A Strange Way to Li(O)ve – SHORT STORY

  1. It’s easy to hide the parts we think we will be hurt the most at but sooner or later we show our vulnerabilities to someone, taking a chance… sometimes not getting what we hoped for and sometimes not being what other hoped for…

  2. Loved this one. Shot from the heart.
    We all wear our flak jackets to protect ourselves. It is only when we let ourselves truly love and trust someone can we find love that lasts. Unfortunately, most of us have too many of the relationships described above before we find the real deal.

    1. Thanks for dropping by again sharron.
      I appeciate the feedback.
      I guess the uktimate aim is to take the flak jacket off 🙂

  3. I forgive you.

  4. I’m happy he had a knife for payback. Give and take…until the end.
    Sad, but metaphorically speaking, a reality in many relationships.

    1. That’s the way it goes, most of the time. Thanks for your feedback as always.

  5. Wow! Amazing. Looks like the battle of love 😉
    Your words are like the bullets from the shotgun…. Eh no… The love gun!! 😍😍

    1. Thank you syeda.
      I guess we all shoot bullets at times 🙂

      1. It is always a pleasure to read your words, Lion! 😉

  6. Absolutely love this short.

  7. When there is a beginning – there usually is an end.

    1. Exactly. We don’t always know when, but it happens usually.
      Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  8. Short, to the point and perfect – like usual.

  9. Love the way u wrote…..

      1. Pleasure mine…….

  10. WOW! So much said in so few words, powerful write and awesome!

    1. Cheers busymind, thanks for your kind words 🙂

      1. Always Lion, huge smiles.

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