Pendulum Pet: Cynicism Management – BOOK REVIEW

pendulum pet bori praperI LOVE Bori Praper’s debut novel Cynicism Management, and he doesn’t disappoint with the sequel.

Budd Dimples the CEO of multinational corporation Metaore is intent on drilling Slovenia for all it is worth, by mining for valuable elements. Playing off his character are the locals that populate the Rock n’ Roll Tavern in a sleepy village; mainly a cast of vagrants, drunks, cynics, philosophers, writers, and musicians that form Cynicism Management, the discordant rock band who continue to fail in maximising their potential.

Under the guise of  ‘geopuncture’, Budd sells his experimental mining vision as being good for humanity, equating geopunture to acupuncture, beneficial to healing the earth. But when drilling starts to the intrigue of the watchful locals, things are not quite as they seem below the surface and Metaore discover something incredible – but can they hide their findings?

Author Bori Praper weaves together the fantastical and satirical in equal measure as Pendulum Pet delivers a sweeping commentary on human nature, dotted with a cast of memorable characters and dialogue. Praper makes you think, engages with topical issues plaguing the world and does it all with a healthy dose of cynicism and humour all while delivering an imaginative memorable story that packs a punch.

I recommend reading Cynicism Management first, but you will enjoy Pendulum Pet regardless.

N.B. Praper is also an accomplished musician and created a soundtrack for the book, a revolutionary idea to me and pretty incredible.

1 thought on “Pendulum Pet: Cynicism Management – BOOK REVIEW

  1. Another author to add to my lengthy list. The premise of Pendulum Pet sounds interesting.

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