The Month Ahead: I Predict Writing and Editing

The First Writer and Editor: 'Take out that part?! Are you nuts? How is the stampede scene at the end of the cave going to make sense without it?!'

AHH THE MONTH of April. Thirty days long. What does it have in store? I’m a writer, not a prophet! I can however tell you what happened in the past.

I have plenty to work on in keeping with my Project aims for 2016. With some great Beta feedback on my manuscript, my main focus is to edit Untitled for the 5th time and have it ship shape for submission by the middle of this month which I am very happy about. Retreading the same text dissecting it for typos and grammar is enough to make me aimlessly surf WordPress, but I won’t. Much.

  • Short story wise, I submitted more than I’ve ever done before in March and was rejected swiftly (thank the gods!) on some, still awaiting rejection/acceptance on others. Once you get the hang of it, it really is pretty straight forward, all you need is a cover letter in addition to your writing and a could-care-less attitude about getting published.

I looked over half a film script I wrote over five years ago, Black X, and was pleased that the story and dialogue was still solid. What killed my unlikely dream of getting it accepted to any film studio was my Film Studies funnily enough. I read and saw enough about ass kissing and pitching to film studios to end any interest. On a positive note, I think I will convert the script into a novel at some stage. Isn’t it meant to be the other way around?!

  • Dog Story is being put to sleep temporarily. The story is 90% written up, but a lot of issues to figure out before I can consider it a manuscript anywhere near publishing standard. I edited it for the first time and found plenty of good stuff, but for the time being I have another priority.

I also got a bit more active beyond Twitter and Facebook, joining Tumblr (LionAroundWriting) and Pinterest. Frankly, I’m not sure how Pinterest is of much use to a writer.

What a boring post? Hey, it’s better than Fox News! And usually more accurate.


lion around 2


16 thoughts on “The Month Ahead: I Predict Writing and Editing

  1. It’s nice to hear about someone reevaluating older written material. I can’t let go of a 6 year old novel with 24 rejection letters. I chopped up the plot and am now reworking it. I am so sick of the story, but there is something there. Wish I was as close to a final edit as you are!

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    1. I always say this, but the great thing about writing is it never goes out of date.
      And I know what you mean about being sick of a story, that’s the ugly beauty of editing…but if you can’t shake the idea then it must have something to it πŸ™‚
      I wish you all the best in completing your story.

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  2. Well, the Lion doesn’t carry any other attitude, right! A “could-care-less attitude” is what I may need later when I’m ready. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, as always!

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  3. Great post. Going through the same process myself. Best of luck.

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  4. That’s awesome! Don’t you have to sleep or go to work or something? I wish I had your commitment to getting things down on screen /paper.
    As a pedantic aside, isn’t it “couldn’t care less attitude”? And if you’re thinking “eh?”, allow me to share a wonderful piece of pedantry by David Mitchell:

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    1. I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m a robot πŸ™‚
      And it is couldn’t care less, I got sloppy πŸ™‚

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      1. A sloppy, driven witty robot…
        It seems that you are the droid I’ve been looking for πŸ™‚

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  5. Good for you to get all those submissions in. I hope you land an acceptance. Will be thinking good thoughts!

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  6. I need to adopt a “could-care-less attitude about getting published” sooner or later.

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    1. lol. Well the thing is once you submit a piece the best thing that can happen is acceptance. There isn’t really a worst case scenario because rejection is the norm, so I essentially just assume I won’t get published.


      1. That’s true. So if and when you are accepted, it’s a pleasant surprise.

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