Holiday In the Sun – POEM


How desperately people seek,

to air their souls,

on a package holiday, turning flesh once white, into one step closer to skin cancer.

And washing away their worries on cheap booze,

attempting to feel at one with each other under a hotter sun.


Flying home, with pools of vomit for reflection

And knowing that they’ll be back next year,

Because Britain’s weather won’t be any hotter,

and their ignorance any less.

2013 repost

lion around 2

16 thoughts on “Holiday In the Sun – POEM”

  1. My husband is from London and he did not partake in the obligatory holidays in Spain, although he traveled extensively in Europe.

    We do know lots of Brits who go to Tenerife and other Spanish towns to indulge. Yes, it is eating and drinking at pubs and lying in the sun with oil slathered on bodies. Sometimes the drinking is out of control and somehow they think its fun.

    To each his own and good for Spanish economy!

    1. yeah, it’s not for everyone.
      And I doubt the Spanish mind the money that’s for sure, although much of the holiday areas have eroded into Little Britain from what I understand.

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