A Modern Day Horror Story – SHORT STORY

typo spelling mistake

Did they shoot them both with there own gun?

No sooner had I posted the comment, than I realised my error. Scrabbling at the keyboard, interspersed with rapid clicks of the mouse, I desperately tried to delete the post, searching for ways to contact the website to remove it, finding no email address, no administrator chat box, my fate undoubtedly sealed.

I logged onto every social media network; Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Erm, Msn Messenger – just in case! Copy and pasting as quickly as possible I posted the same message on each website.

To all my friends, I love you. To all my followers, thank you for your support – even if you were just trying to sell me something I didn’t need or wasn’t interested in.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Spinning around in my chair, I studied my room for weaknesses, bemoaning the fact I lived in a ground floor apartment. The windows were the obvious entry point. If I had time, if I lived long enough to reinforce them, maybe, just maybe I would be able to survive the grammar Nazis.


lion around 2


  1. Great story! On an unrelated matter, I somehow managed to trash a nice comment you made on my last poem. I don’t what button I hit, but it has happened before. Anyway, thank you!

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