Podcasts: Writing, Facts and Comedy

EVER SINCE I first got into podcasts I have been an avid listener, usually around bed time, the perfect way to end the day. The following are podcasts I really recommend that I’ve been glued to over the years, all streamed through SoundCloud and/or accessible online:

Mur Lafferty has published several books and her podcast series I Should Be Writing has won numerous awards. I can’t praise them enough. Every writer will find an episode worth listening to on a topic you want to hear about all delivered by Mur in her easy listening voice, who approaches writing from our pov as in from a beginners pov. A more recent addition is the equally informative Ditch Diggers podcasts with Matt Wallace where they discuss issues with writing as a profession from time constraints to the everyday difficulties of motivating themselves.

No Such Thing as a Fish is delivered by the team behind QI (Quite Interesting) TV show hosted by Stephen Fry. Every episode covers a variety of unusual facts from the foursome, which is great entertainment and also food for thought if you’re short on inspiration or ideas.

If comedy is your thing, and I’d be suspicious of you if it isn’t, then check out comedian Bill Burr’s Monday or Thursday Morning Podcast where he riffs on anything topical, addresses listeners questions and delivers a solid hour of frequent laugh out loud anecdotes and insights.


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7 thoughts on “Podcasts: Writing, Facts and Comedy

  1. Hey, so, I nominated you for one of those “random things about me” blogging hop things that run around WordPress. They’re pretty fun and silly, so feel free to ignore or partake as you wish. X-P



  2. At the moment I’m just about manage to catch the Radio 4 Friday comedy podcast (The News Quiz / The Now Show) but as an avid QI watcher I must look into No Such Thing As A Fish (I believe they covered why in an episode of QI).

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    1. I catch the news quiz too not so keen on the now show. Sad Toksvig has left too.
      No Such Thing as a… is suprisingly funny as well, on top of the unusual factoids.

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  3. I’ve been meaning to get into podcasts myself, and those suggestions seem like a great place to start. Thanks ☺

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    1. I can’t recommend I Should Be Writing enough.

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