Never Hearth Hearted -POEM

fireplace fire

Look at it closely,

What do you see?

Coal; wood; the ash of letters from lost loves?

Is it burning? Are flames alive, tapdancing on glowing embers?

Keep it going.

Don’t let it burn out; forget the mirror,

Your fireplace is your true reflection,

Burning hot, or down to sparks,

It’ll keep you alive. Lit. Visible,

Only you can stoke it,

All that ash collected over the years,

Little different from my pile, perhaps more, perhaps less

We all burn out someday, that’s true,

But look after it won’t you? Because that’s you.

lion around 2

P.S. I’ll return to stories and visiting your blogs asap!

23 thoughts on “Never Hearth Hearted -POEM”

  1. This is great. We are lucky enough have a fireplace at home and I can spend so much time watching the coals glow from within. I get the same sense of peace in you post.

  2. I enjoyed this. I have always been fascinated by fires–whether they be roaring bonfires of the tamer versions we use in our wood stove.

    Thanks for sharing–it made me smile. πŸ™‚

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