THIS WEEKS SIX word stories consists of various themes, some poetic in nature, compiled from my Tumblr blog (LionAroundWriting).

Burning bridges deliberately, those toxic few.

The first month. She; my oblivion.

Shot for Moon. Died in Sun.

Unanswered calls; Guantanamo Bay torture techniques.

Stop yelling!! There was nobody there..

Faded portrait, tracing canvas.. Winking eye!

Zombie bites vampire. Vampire extremely angry.

Psychotic murderer. Adores screaming. Seeks similar.



  1. The first month. She; my oblivion.

    I love how these really short stories seem to work.

    They are the spark that ignites the fuse which detonates the explosion of light and sound.

    Except it all happens in the reader’s (my) mind.

    I don’t know how you feel about your work, but when I write really short it’s like baring my soul. I risk the reader’s interpretation and response to me.

    1. Yeah it can e very exposing, especially with any writing that is unusual or doesn’t constrain to convention.
      You nailed the reason I like 6 worders. They are a small puzzle, trying to produce a big bang, sometimes they fail others times its dynamite 🙂
      Thanks for the eyes.

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