We Set Us Free – POEM


I kept her in a cage,
Behind bars, wings as good as broken,
Such cruel intention, to seperate freedom so brazenly,
By twisted wires.
In fairness, I am no devil
She is no martyr,
Because like everyone,
She keeps me in a cage too,
Only through unselfish actions,
Can we be free again.

Hearts heavier,
Wings stronger, by necessity.


  1. Just when I am ready to be mad at the speaker for locking her in a cage, the poem throws in a twist and it turns out they’re each other’s victims. Lovely depth.

    1. Thank you malakhai.
      And you’re on the money. It’s also about leaving before breaking one another, knowing what we do to each other, and progressing from a situation with that insight in mind.
      Cheers for reading πŸ™‚

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