Weekend Writeathon

writers hand writeathon

AFTER SENDING THE first batch of emails to literary agents, my mind has been pensive and entirely in critical mode, thinking through synopses, cover letters and chapter samples. I love the mind for being able to switch sides, to venture into that mode, but I feel like I haven’t written any solid fiction in a good few weeks and I’m itching to get back into the creative swing of things. There are characters tapping on the inside of my skull, waiting to be written.

My mind is swirling with future projects, and still I’m trying to figure out how to make Dog Story more publishable. It’s nearly finished, but it feels like a poor mans Pelecanos just now.

A short story collection is definitely on the cards. Due to the limited market in publishing, I think I’m going to get to grips with HTML formatting and self-pub once I have edited my current batch I’m considering.

Having learnt a lot in the last couple of years in terms of what the book writing process entails, I feel more confident in tackling a novel once more, and I have one idea that feels right, something quirky, but then I have a thriller in mind also, a genre I’ve never tackled beyond a short story.

Also it is way to easy to fall into the WordPress trap and social media in general. Writer’s write. Social media should always be secondary unless promoting something. Having said that I feel my blog is doing well, and I love the regular visitors I get and reading your works too, it’s nice to see something growing, so I’ll be reading more widely and looking at more short story blogs I haven’t been to before.


lion around 2

8 thoughts on “Weekend Writeathon

  1. Social media doea take up much of our time. As writers, we need to stay focused on our goals. Best of luck witht he queries.

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    1. Definitely.
      Some days I think, why have I spent so much time on social media growing an online presence, when ultimately it’s relatively pointless without having written stories.

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  2. Lion, if you decide to self-publish your short stories, Amazon is the way to go, and you don’t have to learn HTML. Through Kindle you can do an eBook and a print with Createspace. They recommend doing the print version first, then the eBook. Amazon gives very detailed instructions on how to do it. And except for a cover, it costs nothing. I think Amazon has generic book covers, but if you want a more personalized one, check out http://www.fiverr.com

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    1. Cool, thanks I’ll look into it.
      I might learn some basic html anyway 🙂


      1. I know a little of the basic stuff, and it does help out on occasion. I keep a cheat sheet handy for the codes I use the most.

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  3. Waiting to read your stories which thrill me anytime! 😀

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      1. Ta Da! 😂😂

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