THE RETURN OF the weekly six! Sometimes late, but always on time. This weeks collection from my Tumblr (LionAroundWriting) is best described as miscellaneous. For those unfamiliar with six word stories they are inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s, ‘For sale: baby shoes, never worn.’


Murdered in a dream. Pillow bloody..

Parental Advisory: Kids spill your secrets.

Don’t Think, Do.
US Army Handbook.

Necrophilia: hard work but someone’s gotta’.

Screeching tyres…Ba-Bump! Drive or help?

Plastic surgeon’s mistake left beauty inside.

Hell froze over. So did you.

lion around 2

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Six IX- SIX WORD STORIES

  1. Murdered in a dream. Pillow bloody..

    Chilling! I love this collection.

    1. Thank you Jenn. Liking your recent stories too 🙂

  2. Hell freezing over was my personal favorite. 🙂

  3. That necrophilia one was unexpected and yet extremely amusing. Definitely one of my favorites 😉

  4. Another nice collection, Lion!

    1. I feel it doesnt get enough attention in the literary world lol

      1. LOL I always thought they should name a beer Necrophilia. Imagine the commercials. Necrophilia, when you just want to crack open a cold one.

      2. Haha, thats a belter, I’d drink it.

  5. Wow! The first and last were creepy! Plastic surgeon was a sad one while parental advisory was eye-opening! 😃

      1. Always a pleasure! 😃

  6. Oh gawd. Gotta love that necrophiliac one. XD *Really* loved the plastic surgeon one though.

    1. Many thanks Tahni, cool name btw 🙂

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