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      I TOOK A one day hiatus from WordPress, giving myself a breather. Sometimes it’s good to recharge.

I’m pretty excited – actually very excited – about my new book I started on recently, about 20,000 words in, tentatively titled Down To Earth, a thriller, a genre I haven’t really touched on much before but it’s going well. Unlike Untitled which is in the posession of various unpredictable literary agents, or Dog Story which is currently sorting itself out somewhere in my mind, I’m excited every time I sit down to work on Down To Earth and feel like I have learnt a lot from writing one book and 90% of another, in terms of what to expect and the previously daunting nature of putting a book together is getting easier the more I write.

The thriller genre feeds nicely into the short stories I tend to write, with twists and turns allowing me to expand on dialogue, description and plot, not to mention characters which are understandably stunted due to the nature of the short story form.

It feels great to have a clear idea of what Down To Earth will entail and putting it together is the most sweeping piece of work I’ve put together so far, a challenge I’m relishing, juggling mutliple characters and situations. I’d had a few ideas since January on my next book, and finally it arrived last month then metamorphosed over the course of a few weeks once the initial idea hit me, initially just a scene, then a possible short story and now a novel in the making.

What projects are you working on? Feel free to link me and I’ll have a look.


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23 thoughts on “New Writing Project

  1. Good post. One day hiatus is not enough. I have stoppd blogging on weekends to find more wriing time. Currently working on short stories to ship out to magazines. Then, I will get to work on book number 4 my time travel story. Good luck.

    1. Yeah, not so much a hiatus more leaving the laptop for more than twenty four hours 😀
      Best of luck, I’m sure you’ll find a home for your writing.

  2. Only a ONE day hiatus!
    Current project agonised over on blog today at

    1. I don’t think I did the word ‘hiatus’ any good. Will check it out.

      1. ‘Hiatus’ is an OK word. I get it!

  3. Good for you, I hope it all works out. I’m working on a series right now. I’m shy about showing people what i’m working on until it’s finished, all edited and prettied up. Us writers are a sensitive bunch 🙂

    I hope you’ll post an except when you’re ready.

    1. Chers Jenn good luck on your project too.
      And I’m very much the same, I don’t let anyone else read anything until the first draft is done at least, and I won’t reall talk about it either. I find as soon as I start bigging a book up it has some strange effect of slowing the progress. I have to keep it hostage until the end!

      1. Thanks! Yes, sitting down to write can be hard enough without people asking you all the time when is it going to be done.

  4. It is a good feeling to be excited about a new project. My novel is in the hands of a beta reader, then off to my editor in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, within a month or so, I’ll be sending it out to literary agents. I’m prertty well sick of looking at it, and ready to move on to a new novel-length project. I haven’t decided what that may be just yet; I have quite a few ideas floating around and need to pick one and go with it.
    Best of luck with your new WIP, and the one making the rounds. 🙂

    1. And you! 🙂
      I know that sick feeling, only after several weeks, maybe a month am I considering making some small edits and changes I thought of, but it’s madness inducing rehashing the same text.

      1. Yes, there comes a point when one has to call it finished. If we didn’t, we would be editing into eternity.

  5. I’m smiling at you as I too have been spending less and less time here. Time away to think is a gift. 🙂

    1. Definitely 🙂 Although it was only one day lol. May might be a quieter month for me post wise, we’ll see.

      1. Grinning. Blogging is kinda addicting. 🙂

  6. You’re so right, it is good to recharge sometimes. I need to find time to do that more often. What a great feeling to have a project you’re excited to work on day after day. Good luck with it!

    1. Many thanks Eve, going well so far 🙂

  7. Good luck. I look forward to hearing about your progress. I’ve just released a book and I’m already 20,000 words into the next. This next one will be different for a couple of reasons. I’ll be posting more on my blog as it progresses.

    1. Good work Don. Thats the only way to do it really, on to the next one 🙂

  8. Good luck with it all! I have just collated a somewaht haphazardly written project into one place and feel similar excitement – although I am very, very daunted…

    1. Thank you.
      And awesome, best of fun putting it together 🙂

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