If You Ever Feel Discouraged

now upon a time

STEP 1. Go to a bookshop, or a library, or even look through a section on Amazon.

STEP 2. Look through the books that are similar to your book project. Just read the blurb.

STEP 3. After you are finished with shaking your head and thinking 90% of them sound like predictable/ boring / unbelievable / rehashed premises.

STEP 4. Think that through once more.

STEP 5. It’s encouraging isn’t it? The lack of originality. Distinctly average sounding blurbs, many indistinguishable from one another. And the good news? They all got published.

STEP 6. Few authors are literary geniuses. Genius author does not necessarily equal fun to read. Ultimately, a good story is all any reader is truly after.

STEP 7. Keep writing your book.


lion around 2

20 thoughts on “If You Ever Feel Discouraged”

  1. Funny, how you illustrated something I have said and felt so often. I have seen so many bad movies and read so many predictable books, that it encourages me to continue my efforts because some literary agent will realize I have written something fresh.

  2. Great tips. Another good thing to do is to look at how much exposure authors have on social media and then compare your sales rank to theirs. It can be enlightening.

      1. I don’t think it’s as simple as that. I think it’s the quality of followers and getting buy-in from other bloggers with huge numbers following them. Chris the Story Reading Ape, and HarshReality have been wonderful among so many others.

  3. Quite!! I know that my books contain better stories with far more originality than most of the best sellers, many of which are ‘writing by numbers’ and although my books don’t sell well, realising their merit keeps me writing.

    1. Thats the way to look at it. Of course a lot of bestsellers are there by fortune in some shape or form, I see repeat bestsellers as the pop music equivalent, sometimes great, but often easy to digest and sugary without much substance.

  4. Now that’s some encouragement. Your words come, just when I was feeling lost on trying to get back to write. Thanks Lion. 🙂

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