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      WELL, 400 posts in, and about three years on from when I first ventured into the world of blogging and I have to say I’m extremely glad I decided to make an account. Here’s my first ever post: 2006 finally caught up with me..

I had written quite a bit on and off prior to WordPress, but it helped me to go up a level in terms of writing and how serious to take it. From humble beginnings as with any blog, the initial frustration of posting and having no likes and no comments was a bit deflating at first, but as soon as I realised the system is very reciprocal in nature, I soon built up followers and discovered writers and story tellers that I enjoyed reading. That’s been the best part. Reading your writing, commenting, the feedback: it’s all very encouraging and a great testing ground for short stories (yes I’m comparing WP to Bikini Atholl or Los Alamos).

I’ve found so many great writing talents, it was a relief actually, to have that connection to others who write, if not who think similarly. Poets, authors, wannabe writers like myself, photographers, artists: what a great creative hub to be involved in. I’d give a shout out here but seriously there are too many people to mention that I admire for their creativity.

Along the way I have churned out (like butter? bad word choice) numerous short stories, poems and think pieces or blog tips and it’s been a blast. Writing consistently has also spurred on my ‘serious’ writing, as in my first book and my second in production not to mention kicking my ass to get a short story collection out there.

Admittedly WP can be a drain sometimes. Every now and again I feel empty of ideas for posts beyond short stories, and even then my writing ‘commitments’ outside of WP are more important. But I do try to post at least once a day. If I have nothing of relevance to add, I won’t bother. Sometimes the time needed to comments and read on the blogs I follow is more than I am able to do, but that’s only relatively recently, so if I’ve been ghostly, know I’ll be back to usual speed soon. And every so often a small break is needed to recharge.

What was your first post? What has surprised you about WordPress since you joined?


lion around 2

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53 thoughts on “400th Blog Post

  1. Hey Mister Lion,

    Congratulations on keeping up with blogging over such an extended period! 400 posts over 3 years is quite an accomplishment, especially when they are quality posts like yours.

    My first post on Soul Lines was a pretty flower picture and three simple lines:

    “Positive deeds and attitudes are deeply contagious. They are the light that will guide us to realizing the beauty of our human strength and potential. They are the essence of a life shared together, and our pathway to happiness.”


    I thought that keeping it short would attract more readers and then I could make longer posts once they were hooked on my writing style ^^. How devious of me.

    I have been blogging daily on Soul Lines for 4 months. That is 153 posts. I have been running Mug’s Tale – a collaborative, creative writing blog – for 6 months. That is another 138 posts, of which I penned 82 (in case you were wondering, I am B. and Hailie Andersen).

    Beside all of this I am teaching full-time, exercising, taking pictures, practicing my guitar, keeping up with friends and family, reading and writing long hours for things other than these blogs. I’d say all in all, my passions keeps me pretty busy ^^.

    I was wondering. Are you a full time writer, Fionn? I hope you don’t mind me asking.

    Have a fantastic week and happy writing!

    Ps: cheers for the opportunity to look back at my blogging career so far.

    1. Thank you Hailie.
      You’ve been publishing posts rapidly too, you’ll be over 400 in no time 🙂
      And considering your lifestyle that’s impressive.
      Am I a full time writer?…in as much as this is all I do currently yes. But that will likely change soon.

      1. Thank you for the vote of confidence and for being impressed ^^ now I am humbled, because you impress me too.
        You say it will change soon, what are you planning on taking on?
        It must be fantastic to write full time, although lonely at time I imagine.
        I am contemplating getting a part time service to have more time to write, some time in the future. It can be quite frustrating not to have enough time to write down all the stories in your mind. I have time for small projects but long stories tend to suffer from my lack of devotion and availability.

      2. Im moving soon, so a lot of disruption, so a bad change if you will.
        Writing is a solitary pursuit but I rarely get lonely.
        That sounds like a good idea, more time to write ☺

      3. I agree on writing being solitary rather than lonely. There is so much going on in my mind that I almost never get lonely.
        Where are you moving to? Away from Scotland? I am sorry to hear it is a troubling change… I hope you can still find time to write.

      4. Still going to be in scotland, but might be disrupted for a month or so and blog might suffer.
        I will still have pen and pad though ☺

      5. You can always plan ahead and prepare one or two posts a week in advance. I do that when I have class councils or school trips coming up. The scheduling tool is very helpful. Relieved for you though that you will still have the means to write. You have built a strong readership over the years, I am sure your blog won’t suffer that much from it. I’ll be there when you come back anyway. Though your presence will be missed.

      6. I appreciate your kind words.
        And I will schedule posts, but they wont be as regular. Hopefully internet connection will be easy enough to get.

      7. Anytime 🙂 I hope so too and anyway you will probably be much to busy with the move to worry about any of that. Good luck with it all 🙂

  2. 400 is impressive. I think the first one I posted is long gone.

    1. Cheers. It becomes pretty routine after awhile. That’s too bad your first one has gone. Plenty good reviews still up 🙂

      1. My first attempts at blogging were unsatisfactory and I deleted everything. Those posts from this, my second incarnation, are still around, though I took some down to include in my little book ‘Classic Reviews’

      2. You know, I can’t be sure what it was about, but I don’t think it was a book review.

  3. If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST check out the blog Nonprofit with Balls by Vu Le. From what I’ve seen of your posts, you will enjoy Vu’s ironic approach and tone: http://nonprofitwithballs.com/2016/04/hey-job-applicants-stop-doing-these-dumbass-things/

  4. Congratulations! I hope and wait for many more. 🙂

    1. Cheers hb, plenty more where those came from 🙂

  5. Congrats! I’ve only been blogging regularly since May 2014.

    What surprises me the most about WP is honestly how nice and supportive people are. All the feedback I’ve received since I’ve joined has been constructive and helpful.

    1. Thanks Jenn.
      And Cool! Two years is no mean feat and your storues are great.
      Not had any trolls so far, so yep agree 100%

  6. Wow, congrats on 400! I’m not even halfway there yet, but the destination is not what matters. It’s about enjoying the journey 🙂

    I understood everything you mentioned in this post, from frustration of having no feedback in the beginning to finding time to post on WP outside of Real Life writing commitments and etc, but at the end of the day, like you, committing to WP has been a valuable decision. Here’s to another 400 blog posts, Fionn :D!

    1. Thanks Jade, glad you could relate.
      And indeed the journey is what its all about ☺

  7. Hard to believe how quickly the time how flown, 400 posts!! Rawr!!! Congrats!!

    1. Yeah three years flies by 🙂
      You must be on 1000+ posts – been good to follow you since the beginning.

      1. I blushed. I have posted quite a bit, though I don’t know numbers. I had deleted everything during my seven month break, so posts added up when I re-entered everything. Thanks for sticking with me all this time. Hugs

  8. Congrats on the milestone! Here’s to many more in the future.

    1. Thanks Callum 🙂
      Plenty more in the pipeline!

  9. Congratulations! These milestones secure foundation to your fortress! 🙂 hugs* for you!

  10. I don’t think you should beat yourself up over a slight drop in WP output – you are astonishingly prolific (I mean, 400 in 3 years? I’ve only done 44 in just over 2!)
    And it’s good quality stuff too and always an enjoyable read.

    1. Thanks for your kind words babbitman, appreciated.

  11. Wow, congratulations! 400 posts in four years, that’s incredible! 😄
    Great to hear that you started out the same way as myself and thousands of other bloggers, it gives me more motivation to keep blogging. I still don’t post much apart from short stories as I don’t feel like I have much else to share at the moment, but who knows what lies ahead?
    Also very encouraging to hear how WP spurred you on to complete your book! That’s brilliant news and so is your progress on your second one 😊 You keep at it!
    My first blog post was a longish short story called “Reminder”. Looking back, I feel like my writing had come a long way in just under a year. https://adamdixonfiction.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/reminder/?preview=true
    I’ve made 50-odd posts so I’m not quite in your league yet, but I’ll keep at it! 😉 I’ve been meaning to read through your stories recently, and I’ll make sure I do soon and let you know what I think. Thanks for sharing your inspiring news!

    1. Thanks Adam, truly appreciated.
      You keep at it too. All it is, is time+posts.
      I’ll check out your first post.

  12. Excellent accomplishment, Lion. The previous comments have already pointed out the finer qualities of your post, so i won’t bore you with a retread, other than to agree that forcing yourself to maintain a blog keeps you sharper as a writer and that the WordPress community is a very fine one, indeed. Rather than link to my very first post, long ago and far away, here’s a post where I babble, several years later, about that first entry, and then I un-gloriously present the original: https://lageose.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/flash-backward-1/

    1. Sometimes it feels burdensome maintaining a steady stream of blog posts, but that’s a rarity. Defo keeps me sharp and in the loop on writing trends RE: publishing.
      I’ll check your post out 🙂

  13. Having made 400 posts is really amazing and thrives me to write even more and more. Hearing words like “no likes and comments was a bit deflating at first” gives a boost to the budding bloggers like me and makes us to realise that every big work needs an humble start. And many thanks for the link of your very first post and it was splendid.
    Ever since jumping into blogging, it has inculcated many a habit on me. I wasn’t that much avid reader, but now I’m a person who can’t start a day without reading at least one blog post and today it is with yours 😁. We really don’t need appreciation for our work since not all of the audiences enjoy the reading on the go . It’s frowning only when there is no audience at all. I felt it and so I could relate it with all your words.
    My very first post was all about the analysis how the world isolates a man randomly only because of being so humble ,pious and leading the life according to the dharma. https://saalaikamalathaai.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/paradoxical-world-of-odds/.
    May the writing journey with WP blooms into one big giant tree. Happy writing👍😊

    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      In the beginning it is really important to follow and comment on other blogs until you have a group of people who you like reading and who like reading your stuff, then it all grows and gets bigger little by little.
      I’ll check out your post 🙂

      1. Yes I understood, blogging is not only to enjoy one’s own writing, but to enjoy with others too. It adds nourishing flavour when read mutually. I was bit hesitant to venture into some unknown blogs. On the course, it has taught me blogging is nothing but strangers as friends, friends as mentor, mentor as aspiration. I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment with blogging. It made me to sit all alone and think. Such a big change it brought into me. And I go with all your points. Thanks for reading mine too.:-)

    2. Sorry for making this much lengthy 😁 . I came to know only after pressing enter button😂😂

  14. Yayyy!! Congratulations Lion. 👏👏
    It is such a splendid world out here. I would count the day I decided to seriously get to blogging as one lucky day. Since then, I’ve met some really wonderful people, read amazing pieces and learnt so much. My writing side is unknown to the real people I live with, but friends like you on WP really have filled me with positivity. Stay happy and blessed dear!
    Coming to your questions: * My first post was something on the habit of reading.
    * Meeting some really helpful and kind people who are authors/going-to-be-authors surprised me, ’cause I always thought, it was a selfish world. Huge misconception of mine!! 😉

    1. Thanks Syeda 🙂
      ‘I would count the day I decided to seriously get to blogging as one lucky day.’ – That! Me too for sure.

      1. We do agree on few things, eh Lion?
        Lucky to have met you 🙂

  15. Congrats on your 400th! What an accomplishment. Like you, I enjoy the community. So many great, talented people to know and read. My first post was really planned, a bit cautious and long..too long! You can read it someday and get a good laugh!

    1. Thanks Amy.
      I’ll do that 🙂
      I quickly learnt that long posts and likes had a negative relationship, and would get irritated at people not reading a 1000 word story, but I get it now for the most part.

      1. Well, I always put fiction in a different category. This first post wasn’t fiction, so…but you know what I mean. 🙂

  16. “I’ve found so many great writing talents, it was a relief actually, to have that connection to others who write, if not who think similarly. Poets, authors, wannabe writers like myself, photographers, artists: what a great creative hub to be involved in. I’d give a shout out here but seriously there are too many people to mention that I admire for their creativity.”

    It is amazing, isn’t it?

  17. Congratulations!! This is a cause for celebration! I am still a WP novice compared to you. Only 14 posts since February 2016.The most surprising thing is the encouragement from people who are total strangers – other then they clicked the like button or followed my blog. This little WP community has been nothing but supportive and I’ve found that really very surprising. Especially because this is the largest audience who have read anything I have written.

    1. Thanks Lisa.
      Couldn’t agree more. So many supportive bloggers and like you say total strangers at least intially, and there are people I have been following for nearly three years so you get to know people as much as the medium allows which is great too.
      Blog on! 🙂

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