THIS WEEKS SIX word stories are a mish-mash of no particular topic, frequently the mental spewings of late night thoughts on Tumblr.


Spent seven years fixing broken mirror.

2054. Nuclear holocaust. Mushroom cloud selfies.

Never trust vampires. They’re ALWAYS hungry.

Giant’s throw trees for their dogs.

Awoke richer. Gums bleeding. Brutal Toothfairy.

Athlete’s foot. Pickled. No longer itching.

lion around 2


  1. Omg! The vampires, are they really always hungry?? 😨😨
    And the brutal tooth fairy, you must have left her off the cage!! 😱
    Athlete’s foot…. Pickled!!! 😯😯😯

  2. Mushroom cloud selfies – wonderful! Apparently people already take selfies with oxygen masks if they come down on a flight…

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