WordPress Storytellers Link Is Up

wordpress storytellers

     A QUICK UPDATE. All of those who wanted to have their blog link posted in the WordPress Storytellers page at the top of my site: it is live as they say.

If you want your address up there or I have forgotten you please say so. Unfortunately the pages have a like button but no comments option, so let me know in this post or future posts, whatever is easiest.

I can’t guarantee the links will generate 1000s of extra visits but it should drive some people to your short stories. We’ll soon see 🙂 Also If you want your name a certain way or don’t like something lemme know.


lion around 2

17 thoughts on “WordPress Storytellers Link Is Up

    1. Sure, I’ll take a looky too. I’ll put the link in later 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Wow! That’s wonderful Lion! Thanks!! 🙂

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  2. I’m famous! Thanks for the shout out.

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  3. Ooh neat idea. Would love to be included as well, but I see it’s for short story writers and I write mostly flash fiction (for now). Er, is that short enough to count? LOL

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    1. Sure I’ll add you 🙂
      As far as I am concerned flash fic is still a short story.

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      1. Woohoo! Sounds great 😀 Thanks!

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  4. Hi, would you be able to add mine to the list please? I’ve only got a couple of short stories on there at the moment, but have more planned, and this will help to motivate me! Thanks


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      1. Thank you! Am just polishing up a story for this competition, closing tomorrow. Have you seen this? http://writersfestival.co.uk/competitions

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      2. Thats looks pretty good. Best of luck.

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      3. Cheers! You entering?

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      4. Not this time. Got a few other things on.

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