Once Upon A – POEM


Surprise endings,
Inauspicious starts,
One glance,
Was once, enough to unite our hearts.

Then we drifted,
Even while holding one another,
A distance not measured in miles,
Who can say when a soul detatches?
Something scientists, have yet to discover.

She can still bring a tear,
If I linger on a thought,
Now I know,
No love is too long,
Only too short.


  1. Such a lovely tone to the poem that really does justice to the theme. Like a previous blogger noted, there is a push and pull to the poem itself. Quite beautiful.

  2. The drifting apart happens all too often. One thing so many people in a relationship forget–or don’t know in the first place–is that it takes constant nurturing to keep love thriving. But (and this is crucial) both have to work at it. One cannot keep it alive on their own; it takes two.
    Love the poem, Lion.

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