THE WEEKLY SIX returns, like a villain that can’t be killed from the movies. Indulge yourself on the following diet stories:

Roadkill taxidermist. Secret museum of people.

“Listen! King Kong, please, come down…”

An angel fell. From floor 64.

Empty bodybag. They had escaped again.

The rain tasted like…like blood.

It was me or the child.

lion around 2


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20 thoughts on “Weekly Six XV – SIX WORD STORIES

  1. I always like your selection!

  2. Chilling! Rain that tastes like blood… I wonder why that is!

  3. Omg this may just be my favorite collection of your six word stories yet. That angel one made me very curious lol

    1. Cheers Jade, it’s one of my favourites too 🙂
      The angel one was meant to be ambiguous.

  4. Roadkill taxidermist! Ha! Always full of surprises! 🤓

    1. 😀
      Gotta keep you on your toes ☺
      Thanks Lisa.

  5. Hey, that line of the rain tasted like blood is the perfect opening line for a novel or short story. Think about it.

    1. Its not bad is it? Many places can be gone with an opener like that.

      1. Yeah. It is a great line. Great start to a story.

  6. Ooohh deeeaaaarrr! Taxidermist and body bag… Brutal! 😨
    Let the King Kong stay up!!😂
    The rain was eerie…. And last one – that’s a hard choice…😋😋!
    Awesome ones Lion! 👌👌

      1. Spasibo?? I need to keep Google around me all the time! 😋😋
        Russian to say thanks? 😮😮

      2. Yeah occasionally I get bored of writing thanks in english ☺

      3. So… Which other language is the Lion well versed in? Let me bookmark the translation site! 😋😋

      4. Haha, I spoke Russian well at one point and even Slovenian, now not so much 😕☺

  7. (for the last one) …Oh, it had to be you………:D

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