The Big Lonely – SHORT STORY

dinosaur extinction

      I WAS MASSIVE. No mirror was big enough, although I found the reflection of the Pacific Ocean during a full moon captured me best. In a day I would stomp from continent to continent, looking for enemies – enemies that might become friends.

Why was I so big? I could never know. People ran in terror as I approached. Other dinosaurs scurried for cover. Why were they so terrified? All I wanted was a friend on this lonely earth. Just one. My family had all grown up, but even they looked at me from the shadows in fearful contempt.

Stomping from place to place, I made enemies with every step. I was hated by all. Being as gigantic as I was, it was impossible to go unnoticed, and equally impossible to avoid squashing those in my path.

Through guilt, I would sometimes sit for days at a time, giving everyone a break from my clumsy ways, a self-administered amnesty. Nobody would die, except for the ones I sat on initially. But boredom and hunger would force me to get to my feet again.

Cavemen were a delicacy. I tried to go easy on them, but they were so moreish. The Tyrannosaurs, although not a threat to me, provided me with a challenge, comparatively speaking. With no predators to take me on I had my pick.

Land based cuisine one day, a fishing expedition in the Atlantic the next.

Antarctica provided me with one of the few places of respite. Solitude was not something I ever sought, but it was welcome from time to time, a space to breathe, to idly toy with penguins and polar bears.

When the ice shelf began to crack I stepped back into the ocean, the sensation of ice penetrating my thick leathery legs as I stepped across to the Tierra Del Fuego, ever hopeful that a she would exist of my size, so I didn’t feel like the most hated being on earth. I ate some whales and Diplodocus, more out of boredom than anything else. My weight was increasing but there was nothing I could do. My head was already in the clouds and soon, I feared the suns scorching rays would become closer still.
And then one day, I saw the happiest view before all others as I stared into space – a second sun! A flaming ball was hurtling towards me – us – a beautiful sphere of rippling orange.  I did not know you cannot be lonely in death.


lion around 2

21 thoughts on “The Big Lonely – SHORT STORY”

    1. Much appreciated bookheathen. It is part of my to do this year to get a collection out, probably after my second book is done in july or thereabouts. Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot.

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