The Dream Writing Setup

      dreaming big

       MAYBE YOU ALREADY have your dream set up to write, if so I envy you. I sure as hell don’t and while it is a skill and necessary to be able to write in less than ideal circumstances (there’s a quote for that somewhere from someone who wrote a book once, maybe several times). I’ve heard of renowned writer’s battering typewriters in sheds, in offices, sitting down, standing up, in libraries, in coffee shops and so on.

We all have a tolerance level for noise and what it can do to the creative process. Personally, the prospect of writing in the nook of a coffee shop makes me go numb. While you may have numerous characters to include in a story right there before you, the distraction of coffee machines, frothers, the chit chat and openness of it all would decimate my productivity. For me solitude is ideal, with as little noise as possible, no one entering and leaving the room.

So what about the dream? What’s your dream scenario? Here’s mine:

dream writers house

That house actually exists – called Clingstone – built on a rock on the east coast of America (Rhode Island). The interior is as amazing as the location. Maybe it speaks a lot about my personality, but I couldn’t imagine anywhere more badass to churn out some books. Add in the Bond villainesque quality to the place and it’s ideal. Only the most devoted and determined Jehovah’s Witnesses would make it out there.

What about inside? Well, I don’t really care about kitchens etc. Every writer knows the office is the key place, that’s where the stories come alive. The following image is pretty much ideal to me. Dark enough, not too much distraction, a lot of spines to look at for inspiration in the good times, a lot of books to hate when the words stutter.

ideal writing office

And in my ideal office I’d have two computers (wow, what an imagination you think sarcastically…). One would be offline, no internet at all, purely for typing and the other would be used for blogging, social networking and all that. There would be a landline phone for important chats with overly enthusiastic double glazing salesmen.

So that’s my ideal; remote house, perfect office. Not complicated, but then writing shouldn’t be.


lion around 2


35 thoughts on “The Dream Writing Setup

  1. I use the double computer system already. And I do social media and writing in two different rooms. It helps me stay focused when it’s writing time. 🙂

  2. Oh I’d love to spend a week here. But don’t you think it will get a bit too monotonous in a few years? 🙂

    1. Depends on the company, but there would need to be some vacations for sure ☺

  3. good idea on the double computer system. Think I could do with a dose of that Cool dream pad too. 🙂

    1. 🙂
      I wasn’t exactly exercising my imagination with not one…but two computers! lol

      1. Well I hadn’t thought of it. So I maintain that I thought it was a good idea!

  4. What a great looking place! I don’t have an ideal writing set up at the moment and am still playing about with ideas. I can work in noise and chaos as much as in quiet and solitude but one day I will find the ideal way and place to do it

    1. Everyone has a different ideal, I’m envious you can work in noise 🙂

  5. I’ve been lucky to move my writing habit from the kitchen table in my last place to the sunroom in the current house. Plenty of windows looking out over the back yard and woods and a recliner when I want to sit down and read the same page 37 times. I’m not sure the space made me any better as a writer, but it has made me enjoy writing much more.

    1. Sounds a lot better than mine, and a sense of place for the writing itself is a great thing.

  6. Love it! It is very badass, although I wonder what the bathroom is like? I doubt that house has town water and a sewerage system? Gotta take care of the essentials.

    Love the office space though and having 2 computers. I love writing in public, only on first drafts though and only if the noise is a dull roar. I can not handle individual voices yelling out, or someone cackling with laughter.

    1. I’m not sure but I believe the house is self sufficient and has electricity etc. It was dilapidated but got renovated recently inside and out.
      Yeah laughter, sharp noises…hell, any noise is off putting generally.

      1. Interesting…. I might fight you for it.

      2. Ohhh, a challenge. I don’t fight myself, I outsource, lemme see if Batman is available… 😉

      3. I’ll take that bet. I hear he’s afraid of Superman.

  7. I strongly believe in the meditations of solitude and the creative energies that surround us to burst out imagination beyond anything out here. 🙂

    I love your place. 🙂

  8. Wow! Seems an amazing place. And I wonder how many scary-thrilling-shocking stories would be crafted by you in such a solitary place!
    Love your ideal setup for writing! Where are such places of peace when children are always around you! 😕😯

    1. My romanticised notion is that I would craft some great stories. Maybe i would just watch the ships roll in?

      1. Hahaha! Such a romantic thought.. Giving me ideas! A thriller writer, moves away to an island to write his bestseller in solitude… Now whom should he fall in love with? 😂😉😄

  9. I do have an ideal way to write- which is in solitude. I have been forced to adapt. Now, I write in noise and at times chaos. I once wrote a book by hand in three and a hlaf weeks while on vacation on a tropical island. Much of it as written by candle light since there wer constant black outs. (The setting inspired me. The manuscript is about a serial killer who strikes when the lights go out on this island and the American cop who has to stop him. Unfortunately, the cop has a phobia of the dark). Finding the ideal writing Utopia is a dream of the past for me. I hope you find yours.

    1. Wow, that island sounds ideal, especially writing that quick. I think most writers have a romanticised ideal of a place to write conducive to productivity, anywhere remote seems ideal.
      And i doubt i will find a rock and a house but who knows ☺

  10. Yes, I now do have a dream writing setup. And it’s the one you’ve shared, How I’d love to be here once. Have you been here, Fionn?

    1. I wish I had Asha even for a visit ☺

      1. But soon you might if you are close around. 🙂 You never know!

  11. I’m with you. Solitude is magical for writing and that looks like a great place for it.

  12. No man is an island. Well, maybe in Rhode Island.

  13. I have a post coming on Thursday where I will share a picture of mine. We moved into this house a year ago. Prior to that, all my files were in a bin that I had to tote around each evening, and I shared a desk with family in a corner of a living room…not ideal!

  14. That would be an amazing place to write.

    1. Not bad eh? 🙂 I’m moving there next week…*sure*

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