WHAT CAN BE said in six words (6ws for short)? What imagination can they spark? In the tradition of Ernest Hemingway’s renowned baby shoes story, have a gander at the offerings below and see how your thoughts complete the stories.


Elephants forget in death. I remember.

Mirror, mirror… Oh! I already knew.

She murdered them inside. Motherly love.

Loving a snowwoman wasn’t easy. Brrrr!

Forgetful surgeon, mistakes caught on xray.

Chainsaw: not just, for chopping trees.

Pistols at dawn. Bullets for breakfast.

Struggling writer seeks proofreader for marriage.

lion around 2

12 thoughts on “Weekly Six XVI – SIX WORD STORIES

  1. The last one is special!

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    1. Many thanks bookheathen, one of my better ones 🙂


  2. Loved the chainsaw. Ut youalmost knocked me out of the seat with the writer searching for a proofreader.

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    1. Thanks a lot man, always appreciated.

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  3. That last one! Lol!

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    1. Haha cheers jade. I think that was Stephen Kings real ‘secret’.

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  4. How about
    By the till, a second-hand wedding ring.

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      1. Too many words though. Maths is not my forte

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      2. Just call it a 7 word story lol


  5. Love these. What about ‘You’re not a good painter, Adolf.’

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    1. Cheers! Good one, possibly the biggest repercussion on that dream being shot down. If he couldnt paint Austria and Germany he was intent on destroying that dream for anyone else and making landscape artists really have to travel around 1939-1944…😁😯


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