The Thing – PINGU Edition AKA Thingu

the thing

      I HAVEN’T SEEN John Carpenter’s 80’s horror, The Thing, starring Kurt Russell and it is something I have on my to watch list. That doesn’t mean I, or you, can’t appreciate the genius of the claymation version involving penguins, starring the animated Pingu as protagonist.

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16 thoughts on “The Thing – PINGU Edition AKA Thingu

  1. Banned??????

  2. I saw “The Thing” (50’s version) way back then. Scary.
    B&W, too
    James Arness played the title role.

    1. Wow never knew there’d been three versions (Pingu the fourth..)

  3. I guess John Carpenters take was all about flamethrowers. Well that short informed me of what i’d been watching all these years.

  4. I’ll have to check this out! John Carpenter’s The Thing is on my top 10 list of movies. I own a copy which says a lot because I don’t really feel the need to own movies. But sometimes, just sometimes you need it at the ready and that movie is one of them.

    1. Cool man, enjoy. I hope Pingu hasn’t ruined it, but I doubt there’s too much similarity beyond the basic outline.

  5. when monkey watch mr carpenter movie of the thing it make monkey gormless with fearfulness. Man tell monkey it only a movie. that not help even 1 %.

  6. If you know the John Carpenter version then the Pingu film is a lot funnier. The Thing scared the bejesus out of me when I watched it as a teenager back in the 80s; excellent horror film using prosthetics, models and I think there was some stop-motion animation in there too. The Pingu version is a perfect short synopsis but it may have spoiled the original for you if you haven’t seen it yet!

    1. I got the jist from Pingu, but I’ll still watch the original at some point.

  7. That was a pretty accurate rendition. Good movie. Both.

  8. Claymation! Penguins!!!! Way better than the original.

  9. VictoryInTrouble June 14, 2016 — 2:48 AM

    LOL! Pingu is the weirdest cartoon ever, but that was even weirder…

    1. Big time. And those penguins can act.

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