SIX WORDS; some big, some small, no more, no less. It’s that time of the week again for six word stories.


Sunshine. Good company. Barbecue. Gas leak.

They tied the knot…too tightly.

She walked on water. My tears.

The tree grew, roots around corpses.

Broken home. Broken parents. Imagination: intact.

Two months adrift. Saved! By cannibals.

They paid in tattoos; words, memories.

lion around 2


  1. Challenge: Next time do six light-hearted, humorous stories. Next time after that do six uplifting stories; you know, instead of the dark side of life. I’ll wait. (P.S. — Your sixes are a brilliant creation for blog fare.)

  2. Ahh,, you have managed to capture the whole gamut of feelings with these ones.
    Hemingway would be proud of you 🙂
    ~ Dajena

  3. Nice stories, the one about the tree made me think about an episode of This American Life I heard this week, it’s an old one about a massacre in South America

      1. During the Guatemalan civil war a village called Dos Erres was wiped off the face of the earth. Worth listening to the podcast, it’s episode 465: What happened at Dos Erres .

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