One & The Same – POEM

book world

There was a man

Who lived –

And that was all.

Never left home.

There was another man

Who died.

But more than that

He saw the world.

They were

One and the same.


He read.

lion around 2

31 thoughts on “One & The Same – POEM

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  2. I love it. Books have saved many people, myself included.

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    1. Spasibo Tosha ☺ Thats a certainty.

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  3. This is absolutely brilliant!

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    1. Your kind words are appreciated ☺

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  4. Cool. This reminds me of the quote by George R.R. Martin: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

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    1. A nice companion piece, thanks ☺

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  5. Reblogged at Where Dragons Reside ^_^ Thank you for sharing this poem with us.

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  6. Reblogged this on Where Dragons Reside and commented:
    I think this poem is great and the image is fitting.

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  7. He who reads lives and experiences the world. Love your words.

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    1. Appreciated. The saying “travel broadens the mind” needs to add on …and books.

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  8. Loved this 😀 From one bookworm to another, eh? 🙂

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  9. mr sock monkey June 17, 2016 — 2:31 PM

    simple brain of monkey think that when considering alternative it not a bad thing to say about anyone.

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  10. Love it!! Reading is almost as good as that round-the-world ticket! 🙂

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      1. And cheaper….while it makes one richer.

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  11. Haha. I liked this. I’ve been transported all around the world without leaving my living room. If only I could go back to Italia ’90 when the Irish had a decent football team. Happy days.

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    1. Great isn’t it? Thanks commenting.
      At least you’re in the tourney :), Scotland haven’t been in one since France 98…

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