IT’S WEDNESDAY! (that isn’t a realisation. I am aware of days of the week and time passing) Which can mean only one thing. Well, loads actually, but let’s pretend this is what you’ve been waiting for. The weeks edition of six word stories has arrived.

Ironic. Extreme hoarder. He collected cleaners.

I swam with sharks. Floor 97.

Bank job thwarted. Fell for teller.

In the crowd, I walked alone.

Childhood neglect, created a lifelong boy.

We laundered souls. Some never clean.

She couldn’t be edited; lifelong screening.

lion around 2


  1. This may be one of your best collections! (Or at least until next week :p) I love the bank teller one. There’s a comedic romance there waiting to happen.

  2. Very thought provoking ones this time Lion!
    Walking alone in the crowd, most painful thing to live through. The hoarder seems dangerous, so do those sharks on floor 97! 😉 Amazing, as always!

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