On One Hand, A Samurai – SHORT STORY

samurai warrior

19 minute challenge!

Samurai sword, drawn,

by hand,

Ready forever, waiting sharply for the hordes to swarm,

For the broken heartbeat, as warlord’s storm to engorge me.

Blood river down my forearm,

as five enemies mix,

Slice! Slice!

Make it six.

Then! my own flesh hides steel,

And I look,

at my left hand, severed, trampled under heel,

pain? I did not feel, as life itself did not seem real.

Turning, to face my amputator,

I cannot conceal, the maniacal laughter any longer,

It pours out, stronger and stronger,

You fool! I can still write! That was my left hand!

I’ll write of your demise!

He became sombre

As on that thought I speared him, between ribs and belly.

2013 repost

lion around 2


  1. All of the sudden I feel sorry for him.. sigh.. 😦
    poor samurai.. he did not see it coming,
    he could not have predicted such blow from his lord
    to still keep his pen, mightier than the sword!

    😀 😀 what to do, you inspire 🙂

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